Service commercial real estate

Engineering Assets, llc (TECHNO-RESOURCE) is the leader in the sphere of comprehensive service of commercial real estate. Our main activities are the technical service and maintenance of intermodal nodes, business centers, administrative and warehouse facilities, entertainment and shopping centers and industrial enterprises. TECHNO-RESOURCE is founded by professionals for professionals.

TECHNO-RESOURCE credo is maintaining relationships with legitimate authorities, the openness and transparency of the company's activities


We undisputed champion of their cause

We are ready to help You on any stage of Your project - starting from the development of technical specifications and design, obtaining the necessary permits and admissions, and finally the participation in the process of acceptance and commissioning of your project. Our employees will help to save your time and minimize the number of reclamations. Trust the professionals.

Each item of equipment is serviced according the schedule of The Preventative Maintenance Plan. The equipment maintenance reglaments are worked out in form of step by step instructions that allows to maximize the life time of the equipment. Advance selection and purchase of an adequate supply of spare parts allows to avoid downtime and to reduce costs. We will help you to develop a budget and reduce operating costs.

Staff, resources and skills

The company's specialists are studied new and safe methods of work, participated to advanced training courses with all the necessary certification according to the schedule. TECHNO-RESOURCE activities are carefully planned and each employee clearly understands his role in service. Proper qualifications and working experience of our employees are reliable garantee for our customers.

Our specialists have gained a great experience in the service of the equipment of leading world manufacturers on various types of commercial real estate. Each our specialist is trained to operate all equipment located at all sites served by the company that helps to improve their professional skills and to gain practical experience. The summands of reliability are knowledge + experience.

TECHNO-RESOURCE social policy aims to enhancing of social base of the employees, including decent wage fees, material support in difficult life situations, assistance in matters of health protection and promotion healthy lifestyle, physical culture and sports